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ASAMgpu is a model for three dimensional atmospheric simulations. It uses GPU's to provide a maximum performance that enables 3D-LES on architectures ranging from a notebook, an ordinary gaming pc up to one or more high performance MultiGPU Nodes.

If we take a closer look at the project, it splits in two parts. The first one is the GPGPU-Interface, consisting of just two basic submodules for shader and texture handling. This layer can be used in different models, e.g. Shallow Water Equations, Particle dynamics or Ice-Structure-Simulations. It uses OpenGL + GLSL for communication and Shader implementation. This approach features transparency to all parallelization details like blocksizes, cachesizes or threads. It is platform independent, all you need is a graphics environment that supports hardware accelerated OpenGL and Shaders (any DirectX10 compatible hardware).

ASAMgpu Tutorial

Different kind of models have been developed using these two classes:

Eulerian Framework for atmospheric multiphase flows

Basic Equations

Microphysical Details


Lagrangian Framework for particle dynamics


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