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The ASAM Wiki is a Wikipage using the MediaWiki Software. It is hosted at the [ Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (IfT) Leipzig]. The goal of this wiki is to provide documentation, tutorials and information about the

(A)ll (S)cale (A)tmospheric (M)odel - ASAM

and the



The Model ASAM (CPU) is written in Fortran.


  • MPI with blockwise domain decomposition technics for parallelization
  • explicit and implicit time integration schemes
  • cutcells
  • soil model
  • radiation code by FuLiou (external link)


The Model ASAMgpu is written in C++ using OpenGL+GLSL.


  • OpenGL + GLSL for fine grain parallelization using high end GPUs (ATI and NVIDIA)
  • MPI with blockwise domain decomposition technics for node level parallelization
  • explicit time integration scheme (RK3 + timesplitting with leapfrog)
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