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The ASAM Wiki is a Wikipage using the MediaWiki Software.

It is hosted at the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (IfT) Leipzig.

The goal of this wiki is to provide documentation, tutorials and information about the

(A)ll (S)cale (A)tmospheric (M)odel - ASAM

and the



The Model ASAM (CPU) is written in Fortran.


  • MPI with blockwise domain decomposition technics for parallelization
  • explicit and implicit time integration schemes
  • cutcells
  • soil model
  • radiation code by FuLiou (external link)


The Model ASAMgpu is written in C++ using OpenGL+GLSL.


  • OpenGL + GLSL for fine grain parallelization using high end GPUs (ATI and NVIDIA)
  • MPI with blockwise domain decomposition technics for node level parallelization
  • explicit time integration scheme (RK3 + timesplitting with leapfrog)
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